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Testing Requirements

All California courts require testing. Some courts allow you to do our test at our web site, some courts allow you to test on-line but at another web site and other courts require what is called "verified testing."

VERIFIED TESTING simply means that a student must take his or her Final Exam at a place where s/he can be identified as the proper person to take the exam and where someone is available to verify that you complete the Final Exam on your own.

Most courts that accept our home study program allow students to complete the examination process on-line and/or at home. However, some courts now require "VERIFIED TESTING" of the final exam.

VERIFIED TESTING is currently required if your citation was issued in the counties of Kern, Kings, San Bernardino and San Diego. Other courts may follow.

VERIFIED TESTING is determined by the court that processed your citation and has nothing to do with the county in which you live.

VERIFIED TESTING is required for anyone who gets a ticket in Kern County or San Diego County whether you are a resident of California or some other state. If your ticket is from San Bernardino County, it is a requirement for California residents only. if you are not a resident of California but got a ticket in San Bernardino County you are not required to have a verified test.

To make the process convenient we have chosen to use Notary Publics because you can most likely find at least one in every city. The larger the city the closer you are to a Notary. Check your local phone book under Notary Public and make a few calls to check their fees and availability. Some are mobile and will travel to your location.

If you are required to have a VERIFIED TEST:

1. Find and make an appointment with a convenient Notary Public.

2. Go to the agreed location, be identified and take the exam. Note: you cannot fill out the exam papers before meeting with the Notary.

3. Have the exam paper notarized (stamped) and the Notary paper attached.

4. Pay the Notary the agreed upon fee.

5. Send the notarized Exam to us for processing.

We offer a range of alternatives to complete your traffic school requirement.

We have four options for you.

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